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The Most Beautiful Virago 1100 cc in an Excellent Condition- # 1

  • Make: YAMAHA
  • Model: Virago 1100
  • Year: 1995
  • Body Type: Cruiser
  • Color: blue
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Mileage: 30300
  • Engine Size (cc): 1000cc ++

Ad Description

The most beautiful Yamaha Virago 1100 you can think of with only 30,300 km on the clock now, rides perfectly.
A must-see if you know how reliable these bikes are. '

New upgrade on July, 25th 2022. Two SKF- C 3 bearings for the camshaft, instead of the OEM bushings that Yamaha for unknown reasons didn't use when they built these bikes. It makes it more reliable and it takes the pressure off the camshaft.

Please watch the Youtube video to understand how reliable this bike is, plus some explanations. I've put in a hell lot of money and all parts are genuine, no Chinese copies were used.

The Cobra exhaust was bought from the US for 500 bucks plus tax.

A Cobra exhaust, almost new, not one scratch, a good sound, a windshield, a Mini Ape of a Triumph T 140 US, a new starter, new battery, crash bar, loud horns with relay additional footpegs on the crash bar, additional high beamer, all fuel lines are new, fork seals new, master brake cylinder overhauled with OEM parts, new brake pads and shoes, two new ignition coils, a voltmeter attached to the windshield, new spark plugs, including caps, just changed all fluids, including oil filter, new fuel filter, both carbs are overhauled with OEM KIT, synchronized and well adjusted, and many other extras.

New wheel bearings front and rear wheel in June 2022, new fork seals, new fork oil, and new brake pads in June 2022

The bike is very fast and does 195 km/h +. No vibration at your handlebar, good for long distances with additional footpegs on the OEM crash bar. I upgraded the existing rectifier with a Mosfet - a new technology that makes charging the battery much more efficient and switches off when too hot which is often the problem when OEM rectifiers die.

The fuel pump was overhauled in March 2022. All fluids changed in June 2022. A bike you can ride anywhere in Thailand if you decide to ride it home.

Front and rear tires are new, and so are ALL wheel bearings.

Cobra exhaust system, excellent Chrome, no color changes through exhaust heat.

The front brake pads are three months in, the rear brake shoes are almost new. The brake master cylinder is overhauled as well with OEM parts.

All liquids changed in June 2022, including new fuel lines from the main to the reserve tank. Including the fuel lines from the reserve tank to the fuel pump.
Tax and insurance just renewed in April 2022.

This 1995 4 PP xxxxxx is a direct import from Japan and doesn't have the starter flaw the old ones had. One-click and it runs.

The gearing of the 4 PP from Japan is different from all other Viragos and it keeps not just the RPMs lower, it makes the bike faster than other 1100 cc Viragos.

I'm selling it for a lot less than what I've paid for ( all together 256,000 baht) and you won't be disappointed. The bike is located in Sisaket.

Cheers, Mike

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