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The Most Beautiful Virago 1100 cc in an Excellent Condition- # 1

  • Make: YAMAHA
  • Model: Virago 1100
  • Year: 1995
  • Body Type: Cruiser
  • Color: blue
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Mileage: 23500
  • Engine Size (cc): 1000cc ++

Ad Description

The most beautiful and most reliable Yamaha Virago in Thailand with only 23,300 km on the clock. A short update got 25,400 km on the clock now.

In addition, I have installed a rear rack that I've bought brand new from Highway Hawk. I just rode it through MOT on the 6.4. 2021, paid insurance and tax for one year.

I've added a pair of saddlebags, I put new OEM brake disks and pads on the front wheel, of course with new OEM parts, overhauled the calipers. The bike can either be bought with the original handlebar, or a 23 cm"Mini Ape". Both handlebars can be used with the new windshield. The beauty has the 23 cm handlebar on now.

A brand new Cobra exhaust was just installed. Carbs are adjusted that it has the best possible combustion, plugs are incredibly nice.

New tires. windshield, new starter, new battery, crash bar, loud horns with relay additional footpegs on the crash bar, additional high beamer, all fuel lines are new, fork seals new, master brake cylinder overhauled with OEM parts, new brake pads and shoes, two new ignition coils, a voltmeter attached to the windshield, new spark plugs, including caps, just changed all fluids, including oil filter, new fuel filter, both carbs are overhauled with OEM KIT, synchronized and well adjusted, and many other extras.

The carbs are Mikunis and all parts, including the two carb diaphragms, are new. The bike is a Japanese import with special gearing. the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear have one more tooth than the other 1100 cc Viragoes. I just added saddlebags.

Oil with filter change done last week, end of March 2021, all other fluids were changed as well, new plugs installed.

The 5th gear has two more teeth which allow you to ride faster with fewer RPMs. It's the most beautiful and fastest Virago 1100 all over Thailand. = Less RPM and higher speed. Engine and Frame # 4 PP.......

The bike is very fast and does 190 km/h +. There's nothing wrong with the bike, both cylinders have 10.7 of compression. Plenty of extras you'll get for free.

No ticking noises, no problems that come with it. A nice bike from an honest owner is what you'd get. But only if I sell it. Lol

I'm not really sure if I want to sell it. The Cobras sound damn good and a power gain is a result. Of course are the carbs adjusted to the new exhaust.

New brake fluid yesterday on 7th of April 2021. Anybody who knows Viragos, the ones with Mikuni carbs knows how reliable these bikes are.

This year didn't have the starter flaw, some people call the "box of rocks." It ended around 1987.

I could gain some additional 24 horses with 750 heads, but the bike is fast enough for Thailand. I could never even try to ride full speed.

If I were you, I wouldn't wait much longer and have a look at the bike.

Here's a YouTube link to see what I'm talking about.

Please get in touch under the given phone number, you won't be disappointed.

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