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Tired of bird droppings at your home?

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Pest Away (Thailand) We are a group of people who come together to protect the environment and protect the future of Thai and foreign people who are facing health and environmental issues from pollution that we create ourselves from destroying living things together Just because those animals interfere with our habitat.
In addition, we still maintain the mission to Maintain effective protection against pests to every customer as well.
In addition to these pests will create problems for the health of people in the nation again. Also causing economical damage.
The company therefore asks for volunteers to participate. in maintaining balance of people and those pests to live together without encroaching on each other With 100% natural innovation for protection from all pests.

Pigeons are native to Europe, North Africa and western Asia. before spreading to cities around the world because it is a bird that has adapted to the environment very well Pigeons are resident birds. in open and semi-open environments in agricultural areas and in cities, cliffs and rock edges.
In ancient times, pigeons were used for communication. because it is a bird with senses It is very good to find a way back to the settlement where you came from. even if color blind and how far away by using the earth's magnetic field It also uses sunlight. and the nose to smell as well.
Pigeons usually have a monogamous mate with 2 children at a time. The father and mother help raise the young. When paired together, they will not be separated for life. even if the couple is dead.
Pigeon breeding season will be 2 times a year during March-May and September-November. If there are birds living in any area, follow The number of pigeons will increase by 3 times per year.
In Thailand, it is estimated that there are about 10 million pigeons.The average lifespan of pigeons is about 15 years.
Because pigeons are strong birds. can fly as far as hundreds of kilometers per day In addition, pigeons in the city also have a living source in the garbage heap. which is a breeding ground for pathogens (With many people referring to pigeons as mice with wings), pigeons are carriers of pathogens that affect all mammals, including humans.
When infected pigeons from different places Come to live in our homes, feather mites and bird droppings that are taken out also carry various germs, viruses and bacteria. And when bird droppings accumulate every day It will start to have fungi in the bird's droppings. and fungal spores will be blown away by the wind that blows through Sometimes the spores are so small that even people can't see them. flying in the air where the pigeon lives And when people breathe in the air, they get germs and viruses. Or the bacteria enter through the respiratory system. Blown into the eyes can cause eye disease. Blown to the skin can cause skin disease. or even sometimes blown away to stick to the clothes that have been dried There is also a chance of infection in the shade as well.
In addition, bird droppings are corrosive to all metals, car paints, building paints, as well as creating dirt on our beautiful swimming pools.

Do current pigeon protection devices really work ?
We must first understand that pigeons, starlings or sparrows will live in a particular area to nest or stay must be appropriate. Many things together, such as near the food source. There is light at night, it is warm, or in the direction of migratory birds, etc. Often we see birds who like to live near. air compressor by the window of the house or roofs where birds can escape from the rain and when we use bird protection that are sold on the market generally attached to prevent birds as mentioned at the beginning birds are highly adaptable creatures. (Especially pigeons), so birds will find branches and leaves and grass. Or scraps of various materials to pile up to use that area for further residence. Some may gnaw or dig into the net to continue using the blocked area to live. Or even adapting to various noises or even sound waves or bare direct current wires.

How does the bird protection system with “ bird repellent light gel” work ?
Bird protection system or bird repellent with bird repellent light gel Is disturbing the senses of birds in many dimensions at the same time, making pigeons unable to tolerate the changing environment at the same time in many directions.
1.) Sight visibility Sairen gel has UV reflective properties which will reflect light into the eyes of birds. (Which is the nature of birds are color-blind animals. Will see the whole environment in black and white only and when the sun's beam moves. The image will move like a bird sees a beam. Scare the birds away and flee the area.
2.) Smell, Sairen gel scent, produced from the wax of herbal oil (food grade) has the effect of destroying the bird's pheromone, which the bird will secrete the unique pheromones of each bird through saliva, feather mites and feces.These pheromones are what birds use to remember where they live, but the optical gel has the effect of destroying the bird's ability to recognize their own pheromone smell. causing birds to move to nest elsewhere And will never come back to nest here again. Without harming or injuring the birds at all.
3.) Tough touch Sairen gel made from the wax of herbal oils. It looks like a sticky cream. It has a boiling point of 70 degrees Celsius and a freezing point of -20 degrees Celsius, so it does not lose moisture. Throughout its service life, it will look the same. When the bird touches the light gel it will annoy the birds And when the light gel hits the bird's feathers or tail, it will cause the bird to lose the ability to direct the bird's flight. Which when the bird perceives that it is caused by the bird being near and touching the light gel The bird will never come near this light gel again.
4.) Label Sairen gel symbol is unique and birds are animals that have the ability to remember very well and when birds see images of this light gel, birds will remember these features in the first 3 items, allowing birds to know that the area covered with the light gel is not suitable for habitation, so whenever the bird sees this light gel again the bird will never fly near again.

We provide services for houses, condos, factory's, temples and electrical work.
We are the sole distributor of Sairen trade mark optical gel in Thailand.

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