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Treadmill, Olympic/Crossfit Bar, Barbell, Dumbell Sets

Ad Description

Purchase all for 27,000THB or separately as follows.

1. Used TM Tempo Treadmill. Perfect working condition. Purchased 2019 for 21,990THB.

Price 16,000.  Receipt and Warranty included and attached.

2. Used East West All Terrain Olympic Crossfit Bar 20kg x 1 bar- purchased April 2021 for 8500THB and only used a couple of times.

Price = 5,500THB. Receipt photo attached.

3. Used East West Thailand Yellow Weight Plates 15kg x 2 plates - purchased April 2021 for 7000THB and only used a couple of times.  

Price = 4500THB. Receipt photo attached.

4. Used Black Bumper Plates 10kg x 2 plates - purchased 2019 for 1400THB.

Price = 500THB.

5. Used Black Reebok Dumbell Set 2 x 7.5kg. Purchased 2019 for 5,500THB.

Price 2,500THB.

6. Used 2 x Silver Dumbell Set with Box (includes 4 x 0.25kg plates + 4 x 05kg plates + 4 x 1.25kg plates plus bars and spinners).

Price = 2,000THB.

7. Used 2 x 4kg Blue Dumbells


Pickup at Chom Thong (next to Sathorn-Taksin bridge) only.
Payment via cash or bank transfer.
Any questions will be answered in a few hours.
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