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TUMI Carry-On Garment Suitcase

  • Bang Rak
  • 03 May 2021 : 10:24 am
  • ID: 428094

Ad Description

Dimensions : 23 x 37 x 56 cm
Manufacturer : TUMI Luggage
Item Model Number : 2203304
Department : Unisex-adult

-Large front zip-opening compartment, two front U-zip pockets, additional zip pockets
-X-Brace telescoping handle system
-Two recessed wheels, top and side grab handles
-Add-a-Bag strap and hanging hook
-Interior curtain with zip pockets, removable zip pouches, zip pocket
-Shoe pocket, open pocket, open pocket, hanger bracket and tie-down straps

Perfect condition
Purchased price was about 30,000THB

Line ID:863347017
BTS: Saladaeng
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