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  • Lat Phrao
  • 07 May 2021 : 07:52 am
  • ID: 428524
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: G 450
  • Year: 2018
  • Body Type: Sportbike
  • Color: White
  • Condition: Good
  • Mileage: 22484
  • Engine Size (cc): 150 - 499cc

Ad Description

BMW G310 year 2018
Original Akrapovik Full Exhaust
Customized LED headlight.
Good condition

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2018 CB150R ABS 28K klm 2016 CB500X ABS 58K klm Prefer to sell as package deal with extra tools listed below. (Could include camping gear.) 160k baht as a package. OR CB150R 45,000 baht CB500X 135,000 baht Bikes come with original Honda tool kits and extra tools including 2 air compressors. Full service history on both bikes. Both bikes were serviced 2 - 3 times more than Honda recommend. CB150R every 2500klm CB500X in my care every 5000klm. CB500X has new or near new: Pirelli tyres Chain Sprockets Battery Oil and filter (1 spare oil filter) Air filter Top box Spotlights Crash bars Pannier tool pods x 2 Custom waterproof pannier back pack system CB500X aftermarket add ons: 1. Front fork cap adjusters. 2. Front fork brace. 3. Handle bar brace. 4. Bark busters. 5. Crash bars top and bottom. 6. LED flood lights. 7. Cigarette lighter socket. 8. RAM type phone mount w USB port. 9. GIVI side pannier rack frames w custom backing plates. 10. Heavy duty tool pods x 2. (Bolted to inside of custom pannier plates. See photos.) 11. Custom pannier soft bag strap system. 12. Pannier backpacks (waterproof). 13. Top box 47lt. 14. Tall tinted windscreen (& original CB500X Honda windscreen). 15. Extra wide kick stand base/foot. 16. Centre stand. 17. Radiator protector (stainless steel). 18. Twin power horns (original still in place). 19. Stainless steel Honda number plate frame. 20. Black aluminium registration paper holder. 21. Throttle assist (paddle style). 22. Throttle clamp-type cruise control. 23. 12v mini air compressor (tyre inflator) 24. Extra tools. (See list below) 25. Puncture repair kit. (Plug type) 26. Air seat (New. Travelled 130klm. see photo.) 27. Cable type helmet lock. 28. Disc brake lock. CB150R add ons: Aftermarket handle bar. Bark busters. RAM type phone holder. USB socket. Wire retainers on rear brake and (foot) gear levers. Rear rack and GIVI top box. Exhaust wrap. Assortment of near new tools: Electric drill Drill bits set 2 X sets of "easy outs" (screw extraction tools) Tap and die set 1/4" drive socket set 1/2" drive socket set Ball driver type Allen keys (metric) Multi function jump starter/air compressor kit (see photos) Various files: 1x round, 2x flat, 1x triangular. 2 X vise grips Shifter 200mm Tyre leavers Various ring and open ended spanners Test light Needle nose pliers Pen type telescopic magnet Screw driver set (insert type) Wire brush Tape measure Engineers square (Adjustable. Spirit level.) 385pcs Assortment of stainless steel button head Allen key type 2, 3 & 4mm nuts and bolts. Assortment of zinc 3-4mm nuts, bolts & washers. 500 pcs Heat shrink kit various sizes Loctite Jewellers screwdriver set Sure to have left something out of that list.