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Vibram 'Bikila' 5 Finger Fitness Shoes

Ad Description

Vibram 'Bikila' 5 Finger shoes. BRAND NEW. Euro size 43 (US size 9, UK size 8).

The shoes provide free and natural foot movement in a wide range of sporting activities (rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, windsurfing, etc). The closest to being barefoot, but with excellent grip & protection capabilities.

Also great for snorkeling or walking on rocky beaches.

Incredibly versatile and very light. Machine washable.

From the web:

'Vibram Five Fingers took the world by storm a couple years ago and have no intentions of stopping any time soon. They go by many names and whether you call them VFF’s, toe shoes, gorilla feet, or hobbit feet they are showing up on people everywhere. From marathons to movie theaters. From walks at the mall to hikes up Dog Mountain. They are seen riding surf boards and seen under tuxedos. I’ve seen them on teenagers and people in their 70′s'.

The shoes also assist with the working of muscles we were born to use, but became obsolete due to the ever changing designs of branded footwear.

For a full video review type 'Vibram Five Fingers Bikila--Unboxing the new Minimalist Running Shoe' on youtube.

These were ordered from the USA, but were just a little too tight for me. Cost US$120. They are exactly the same model and color as the ones in the pictures.

Selling less than half price (1,500 Baht), I tried them on for five minutes and realized they were too small. They haven't been worn since.
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