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We make wooden log houses,log cabin, resort style,room for hotel...

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We are the factory. produces wooden log houses. log cabin, Resort style , Garden houses, Coffee shop, Knockdown House , Living room, Guest room, Home office, Sauna start from 10,000 THB /sq.m
Delivery all over Thailand. We have a wooden house catalog with a large variety of products for every customer’s needs more information: Tel : 099-169-8559 Nid.
Id line : @goodwood /:
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you want build a house

you want build a house

  • 17 Jun 2021 : 11:42 am

We build our house with very good constructor. He control everything very good. All his family work with him. He stay Bang saray. If you interested, come and visit us, and look our house. We stayin Bang saray, our house ready now 3 month He build also smal houses about 50 qm start 600000. We speak english, german,thai

Make Your Own FREE Drinking Water at Home..

Make Your Own FREE Drinking Water at Home..

  • 01 Jun 2021 : 08:09 am

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