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Web Design and Development Services

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AWcode provide a range of web design and development services for businesses around the world.
Websites can range from a simple online presence, to fully interactive sales platforms.
In addition we can build bespoke software solutions to help streamline and build your business.

Get in touch today for a no obligation chat to discuss how we can fulfill your needs.
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Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software system Microsoft Office

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software system Microsoft Office

  • 17 Sep 2019 : 10:34 am

We build your own Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software system based as a Microsoft Office styled solution and will include Company Information Customer Management Suppliers Management Contact Management Document Sharing Gantts Charts Project Management Scheduling Employees Management Timesheets & Timesheet Charts Invoicing Receipts Expenses Salaries Build with password protection at the highest level Licensing system which can be built as time limit trial, license period as you wish or no time limit at all. Also, Computer ID limit can be added so the system can only run on specified computer ID's We will customize CRM to your exacts need, but CRM is ready to go Property management system(PMS) will be developed as well Kind Regards AWS

Worldwide Business Information

Worldwide Business Information

  • 25 Aug 2019 : 07:50 am

Do you need to contacts Business Worldwide for your offer, you need contact information to find your prospects. Hotels, Real Estates, Restaurants, Lawyers, Departments Store, Dentist, Accounting, Beauty, or any other niches, we deliver the best Worldwide Business List at fair prices. Tell us where you are target, and into what niche, we deliver information to over 100 countries, and we deliver fast. Kind Regards Leads Master

Fully Managed websites, just 5,000 THB per month

Fully Managed websites, just 5,000 THB per month

  • 02 Sep 2019 : 09:14 am

When did you last update your website? Does it have a "latest news" section with the most recent article several years old? Unfortunately this is far too common and gives a very unprofessional image to your business, potentially losing lots of customers by not promoting your latest developments. This is typically caused by the old way of creating a website. You hire a web developer and pay a large one time fee. Then it's job done, forget about it for a few years until you become aware that you need to take action, repeating the cycle and doing the same again. We have set out to solve this problem by removing the upfront fee and turning your website into an ongoing project that always stays fresh and relevant. In addition to creating (or rebuilding) your website we also provide fast and secure hosting, regular plugin updates, monthly content changes as needed and a yearly major redesign. All this for an affordable 5,000 THB per month, which also helps your cashflow compared to one off major payments.