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Windows 7 desktop PC set - 2000 Bht for everything

Ad Description

Computer (new case), Acer 17” LCD monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, wifi adapter.

This PC works well, it has a TP-Link wifi adapter included, it can get on the internet wirelessly for You Tube, emails etc. Plays DVD's / CD's and comes with monitor, mouse, speakers and keyboard – everything you need and best of all – Its just 2000 baht for everything. The case is new and alone - cost 950 baht. Specifications are: AMD Sempron CPU 3200+, Asus M2N-MX mainboard (SATA capable), Ram 2GB DDR2 667 Mhz, HDD – 80Gb IDE, VGA GeForce 6150SE (OB), Soundblaster Soundcard, DVD- LG Multiformat SATA (New Dec 19), O/S – Windows 7 SP1. Logitech Keyboard & mouse, Anitech twin speakers, TP Link WiFi adapter (twin antenna)
View/pick up UdonThani town centre close to University.
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