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Here is a set of 4 quality 57″ (145 cm) one Piece house pool cue.
They’re made with Russian maple, a fiber ferrule, a 13mm tip and pro taper.
Perfect choice for any game room at home or in a club.

Each cue prices 880 baht so this pack of 4 cues includes a 10% discount.
Free delivery in Bangkok!
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Oregon Pool Table

Oregon Pool Table

  • 01 Apr 2021 : 14:09 pm

The Oregon Pool Table is unique in design and trustworthy in build. It uses the same high-quality 1'' slate as other GR8 Billiards tables.The slate is supported by a sturdy 100% oak wood construction. The oak is complemented by a rustic finish that gives this pool table a contemporary twist, and the slim legs complete the standout look.

NEW YEAR SALE! PRICE CUT! 3 Sleeves of Callaway HX Tour Golf Ball

NEW YEAR SALE! PRICE CUT! 3 Sleeves of Callaway HX Tour Golf Ball

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Callaway's HX Tour golf ball provides plenty of spin and a long drive distance. This Callaway ball features a urethane exterior that stays consistently soft and thin. The designers and producers used a reaction injection molding process. The HEX aerodynamics of this Callaway golf product enhance shot consistency and reduce drag. The reduced drag gives the projectile a longer, more stable flight. The Sub-HEX design produces six deep depressions and enables a penetrating, tour-type trajectory. The HX Tour is for anyone looking for better distance from all their clubs and a lot of spin on all their shots. These Callaway balls feature the Callaway Golf black logo stamped on a white background. They measure 1.516 inches in diameter. You have to be careful to choose the right ball for your golf game. These golf balls promote better launch and distance for people who need it. When you need control to move the ball in any direction, the Callaway HX delivers. Even if you miss the shot, you can expect this item to be forgiving. It is the right choice for any advanced golfer who likes to work the ball. It also helps newbies to golf reduce slices and hooks that can ruin any round. The distance this three-piece marvel provides is amazing. The special pattern on the HX slices through the air. It helps to generate a better trajectory that increases shot length with every club in the bag. If you really need to rip off a shot, this is the right one for the job. Tournaments are won around the greens, and the HX has a capable feel with the low irons. From 60 yards in, you can expect each shot to feel solid. These balls react with consistency as well. If you hit the same shot two times in a row, you can expect similar results. When putting with a Callaway product, you can really gain a sense of confidence. The HX rolls true through undulations and flat areas. You might even be more comfortable with lag putts that are sometimes very hard to judge.

Pool Table

Pool Table

  • 01 Apr 2021 : 14:08 pm

Large choice of Pool Tables starting from 65k available : budget, mid range, classic, modern,tournament, indoor, outdoor, dining pool table. With a professional and on time delivery, all tables come with a standard set of accessories. Price includes : Aramith Balls - made in Belgium since 1680 and used in most major tournaments - the best in the business hands down CPBA Cloth - made in Taiwan - worsted cloth that plays fast and is highly resistant 4x 2pcs House Cue 1x Raise Cue 1x Triangle 1x Wall mounted cue rack 1x Box of cloth matching chalk (12pcs) 1x Brush A 10 years warranty is included as well - Accessories upgrade available - Free delivery and installation within 250km of our closest location. Contact Simon for more information and advice +66 (0) 934 760 110