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7 New & Used Outboards & Motors for Sale in Thailand

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2 x Mercury Verado 300 V8

2 x Mercury Verado 300 V8

  • 23 Jul 2019 : 14:26 pm

Number one engines for slow consumption, power to the propeller and silence. Always out of the water. Serviced and maintained with care by the boatyard. Controller + Gate included, Propellers mirage plus inox. 650 hours, impeccable. Visible Phuket Thailand Sell the couple.



  • 22 Jun 2019 : 15:37 pm

PARSUN 40HP 4-stroke outboard motor is equipped with electronic fuel injection, which provides excellent fuel economy, easy start, slower trolling speed, quick throttle response, lower emission and very smooth rides on the water. Weighing just 204 pounds, it is easy to install and gives less weight for your boat to haul around. F40 models are perfect for aluminum fishing boats, bay boats, inflatable boats, pontoon boats and fishing boats. They are designed to satisfy the demand of leisure boaters with all kinds of boats. PARSUN 40HP EFI outboard motors are powerful, reliable and easy to operate. PARSUN 40HP outboard motor features: 1.With reliable Delphi E.F.I. system and multifunction diagnostic scanner (scanner available at option), F40 is of high quality, long life and easily maintenance, whilst cutting your fuel and maintenance costs. 2.Through propeller hub exhaust and long leg provide a smooth quiet operation. 3.Long-term durability of critical engine components: water cooling fuel system, stainless steel water pump housing liner and camshaft-driven engine oil pump ensure the outstanding durability. 4.The ECU determines the precise amount of fuel that needs to be delivered by the injector,It also delivers the exact air/fuel ratio to the engine by activating the injectors for the precise amount of time. 5.Several different sensors continually monitor the critical engine’s major functions. They will send out special signals to inform you in advance, such as over-revving, overheating, or low oil pressure, and automatically reduce the engine power to prevent damage. 6.The precision engineered shift system delivers smooth and positive shifting for an improved driving experience. 7.Large displacement and single overhead cam increase the low-end power with smooth and strong performance, and help the operator get excellent acceleration even when pushing a heavy load. OPTIONS 1. Electric start / Manual start 2. Electric start with remote control 3. Power trim and tilt system or Hydraulic elevator 4.12", 13" different pitch propeller for different boat's request PARSUN 40HP outboard benefits : Fuel-water separator and fuel filter prevent any debris or water in the fuel from getting into the engine. Built-in freshwater flushing system provides easy routine flushing. High output 18 amp alternator for battery charging and fishing electronics. Digital CD ignition system for quick start of the engine. Power trim & tilt or hydraulic system makes engine operating more easily. The thumbscrew mounting bracket reduces the time and effort needed to install or remove the outboard from a boat's transom. Multi point electronic fuel injection with ECM control delivers the precise fuel / air mixture for optimum combustion and provides smooth running. Warning & protection: low oil pressure warning, overheat warning, start-in-gear protection for safe engine starting, safety lanyard and over-revving limiter. PARSUN 40hp EFI outboard motor advantages are Intelligence, reduced fuel consumption&emissions, less servicing,altitude adaptability, excellent starting, more power and enhanced reliability. PARSUN 40HP EFI OUTBOARD MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS see encl. pic in AD. *Propeller choice will vary by boat size and application.*B=Back control(Tiller control), S=Short shaft, L=Long shaft, E=Electric start F=Front control(Remote control),T=Electric tilt D=Hydraulic tilt *12V DC is an option. PARSUN 40 HP EFI outboard motor advantages are Intelligence, reduced fuel consumption&emissions, less servicing, altitude adaptability, excellent starting, more power and enhanced reliability. Also on encl. pic. you can compare our price true other brand... ****** Tests of PARSUN Outboard! The test Made in SWEDEN - Think you NOT, Find any test like this in, THAILAND The TEST also is tell a lot about the BIGGER engine HP from PARSUN OUTBOARDS. Full track PARSUN outboards... Please read there to get an idea how PARSUN outboard performs on different boats. And please contribute with your own results. Practical Boat ownership appointed PARSUN F5A to "GOOD BUY" Good buy practical boat ownership Read the entire test in Practical boat ownership 2/16 We boat owners appointed PARSUN 9.9 to second of all "10" hp outboards in Sweden Affordable practical boat ownership The reasons for PARSUN are as follows: Fastest on top, fast paced in the acceleration torque and equipped with the essentials at a very affordable price. We boat owners continue ... "The Chinese Brand PARSUN is surprisingly fastest with 17.1 knots, followed by Mecury who notes 15.5 knots. PARSUN is a full 3.4 knots faster than the worst note from Yamaha with 13.7 knots." the test continues ... "PARSUN and Tohatsu are not only the fastest in this test, they are also considerably rapper than their competitors. From 0-12 knots PARSUN and Tohatsu fell in 6 and 6.5 seconds, respectively. If we compare these figures with Mercury's bottom note of 14.1 seconds, PARSUN and Tohatsu are 8 seconds full rappers. 8 seconds in this mode is perceived as an eternity. " Read the entire test in Vi Båtägare 7/07 The most affordable 4hp engine on the market according to the magazine Praktiskt Båtäkning Affordable practical boat ownership In both January 2009 and January 2010, you can read the test where 6 4hp outboard is hard tested. The traction, noise, top speed, ergonomics and manageability of the engines are examined. PARSUN gets the award in the test and Practical boat ownership is considered the most affordable of all brands! They write "the machines are the same as carry. How do the manufacturers justify the big price differences then?" Read the entire test in Practical boat ownership 1/09 or 1/10 "Excellent value for money" by the newspaper Practical boat owner Best budget buy Outboard in size 2.5 hp hard tested by Practical Boat Owner (PBO), which is the largest Boat Magazine in England. PARSUN is set up against Suzuki, Yamaha, Tohatsu, Selva, Mariner and Honda. The result doesn't let you wait. PARSUN is the quiest test engine and most affordable in the test. "excellent value for money" writes the test team about PARSUN F2.6. Read the entire test in Practical boat owner 1/10 Movies on PARSUN outboard... Here we have collected some films about PARSUN outboard. - contact us ,please... If you have any you want to share, or have original link's to the boat test and video please email us at: - and we send it to you in person. FLIGHTCRAFT & PARSUN ENGINES AND ALU BOATS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, PRICING, AMEND, MODIFY, SUSPEND, CONTINUE OR TERMINATE ALL OR ANY PART OF THE PLAN EITHER IN AN INDIVIDUAL CASE OR IN GENERAL, AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE, TRUE OUR STRIVE TO IMPROVE OUR ENGINES AND BOATS.

Engine YAMAHA 140 hp, 2 strokes SOLD

Engine YAMAHA 140 hp, 2 strokes

  • 21 Jun 2019 : 17:41 pm

ONLY 95000 baths for quick sale!!! Good condition outboard engine YAMAHA 2 strokes V4, 140 hp.( size 21) Engine run good, low hours (around 450 hours) ready to use. Can be test before buy. Possibility to delivery anywhere in Thailand (extra) Engine is stoked inside at Bangburd beach (200 km sud HUA HIN, 80 km north Chumphon, near Bangsaphan. Cheap price for quick sale : only 95000 baths More informations, PM or call Henri 0636382661 (French/English) or LEK 0810068001 (Thai)