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1205027 Tremendously Profitable Restaurant and Sports Bar at Jomtien

1205027 Tremendously Profitable Restaurant and Sports Bar at Jomtien

  • 07 Jan 2020 : 13:02 pm

Tremendously Profitable Restaurant and Sports Bar at Jomtien Listing No. 066-12-05-027 • Business: Restaurant and Bar • Location: Jomtien, Thailand • Features: This is the only restaurant and sports bar located on Thappraya Road that is on the baht bus route between Pattaya and Jomtien. The place has an excellent reputation and is very well-known among locals and expats for serving quality Thai and Western food. Additionally, they have developed a well-known home delivery service which averages around THB 60,000 a month. There is a fully setup office on the left as you walk in and on entering the bar, sporting memorabilia decorates the walls. It has a fully equipped bar with 5 draught beers on tap. A feature of the bar area is the 5 dining booths each with their own small TV for private enjoyment. The bar is split into 3 areas – inside, seating for 110, outside/terrace (45) and a private children’s area (20). The kitchen is well-equipped with 8 stoves, smoke detector, electric grill, oven, microwave, walk in storage chiller and more. There is also accommodation available behind the pub. The business has its own golf society which plays 3 days a week and is a good source of revenue for the bar. Golf clubs can be stored in a storage room underneath the restaurant. This restaurant is sited in a great location, nearby to nice condominiums and housing, also a bus terminal to the international airport. It is well presented and nicely decorated. Service has been recognized by Trip Advisor in 2016 and 2017 with certificates of excellence. It has been trading in this location under this name for over 4 years and is well-known. The sale opportunity has come about as the owner wishes to return to his home country. A great, well-known, well-reputed and profitable WIWO business awaiting its new owner. • Tenure: Business Sale and Rent (Leasehold Premises). 3 years with option to renew (Rolling Lease) • Asking Price: THB 12,000,000 • More Information: Please contact us for more information (we require your name, phone number and e-mail address)



  • 27 Dec 2019 : 11:49 am

Everyday we train people to defend themselves. No man should be threatened or attacked, no woman should be assaulted or raped, no child should be abducted or bullied. We develop in-depth training for custom-made environments – from the specialist military unit to the public-serving law enforcement. We are fighters not technicians. We are KRAVolution. Since its inception Krav Maga was created out of necessity: finding a solution for the physical violence problem. Built on natural reactions, it follows very clear principles which are powered by the fighter within. It’s that simple: here at KRAVolution we want our members to be the best fighters they can become. We focus on the principles they need to confront violent scenarios. We also help them develop the aggression required to win the fight, because at the end of the day it’s the only way realistic self-defense can work. Let’s be clear: we are developing fighters who are master tacticians, not technicians that fight. The whole KRAVolution instructor team is deciding together how we continually develop the system. The system will be constantly tested by professionals all around the world and is verified by the new developments and knowledge of its professional users. Our class: Beginners Class, Women Only Class, Teens Class, Advanced Class JOIN US NOW! Call: +66 81-458-5810 (Eng) / +66 63-365-9888 (ภาษาไทย) eMail:

Exclusive Distributors Wanted for

Exclusive Distributors Wanted for "Water From Air" $$$

  • 25 Dec 2019 : 18:12 pm

The Technology: WaterMicronWorld International Atmospheric Water Generation Technology, Using the humidity in the atmosphere to generate water from the "AIR" from 30 liters up to 5,000 liters per day. The AWG (Atmospheric Water Generators): AWG- Home/Office simply replaces the need to rely on municipal water systems, transport, storage and consumption of bottled water. This AWG machines can reliably manufacture pure fresh drinking water in environmental humidity levels as low as 25%. AWG-30Liter Home/Office is the solution for a growing demand to supply safe and pure drinking water to the world. Our Industrial AWG-C unit’s produce 60, 100, 160, 200, 250, 500, 1200, 1500, 3000 and 5000 Liters per day of pure drinking water from the humidity (From the Air We Breathe). Why instant success WaterMicronWorld International distributorship will provide? People today are tired of making frequent trips to the supermarkets stocking up on plastic bottled water, or relying on municipal filtration systems that need regular maintenance. Your customers will continually thank you for providing the purest, safest and best tasting drinking water that they extract from the air they breathe in the comfort of their own homes… What could be a greater gift or contribution to life? Each Authorized Distributor has exclusive rights to market and arrange installation of WaterMicronWorld International products within their territory subject to meeting agreed targets. Benefits: 1-) Full advertising support with graphics tailored made for your particular client base and demographic region. 2-) Your own website that allows you to communicate with other WaterMicronWorld International distributors. 3-) Integrated inventory control. 4-) Technical support and onsite training for servicing. 5-) Quarterly incentives for top sales producers. 6.) Represent total WaterMicronWorld International product Catalog. 7.) You can employ Sub-Distributors in your region/country. 8.) Website 9.) Sales, Service, Support, and Training. 10.) Inquiry/Leads received via our international website in your region will be forward on. Advertising on Alibaba, Bloombiz, NewsPress, WordPress, CNN,CNV and more. Website: YouTube Channel: “This is a rare opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing market segments in the world today” For More Information: Contact us today.. Thank you

Sport and Fitness Video Marketing and Social media Ad Campaign

Sport and Fitness Video Marketing and Social media Ad Campaign

  • 22 Nov 2019 : 17:21 pm

Creating a video, be it a corporate video, a generic promotional video or even an institutional video, means studying a commercial starting from a main and fundamental question: -what do we want to tell our customers? -what message do we want to send to all of them? It is from this simple but fundamental question that the video realization of this emotional spot begins. Your next CORPORATE VIDEO MARKETING campaign with dp will help you to increase visibility and strengthen your brand.