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1205008 Jomtien Beach 8-Room Guesthouse with Restaurant

Ad Description

Jomtien Beach 8-Room Guesthouse with Restaurant
Listing No. 066-12-05-008

• Business: Guesthouse and Restaurant
• Location: Jomtien, Thailand
• Features: This 8-room guesthouse is sited on Jomtien Beach Road. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating on the ground and second levels overlooking the beach for about 50 people. Although the restaurant and kitchen are fully equipped and furnished, it is not currently operational. The building is a double unit with 3 levels plus rooftop. There are 2 standard rooms, 4 superior rooms (with sea views) and 2 family rooms. In addition to the guest rooms there are also 1 staff room, 1 storage room, 1 under stair-case storage room and a manager's office. The reception counter is on a ground level. There is no company offered with this listing. Asking price includes stock on hand at the time of transfer and the owner will assist with transitioning. Financial records are available and may be viewed upon Inspection AND after completing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). There is no key money.
• Tenure: Business Sale and Rent (Leasehold Premises). 3 years with option to renew (Rolling Lease)
• Asking Price: THB 1,000,000
• More Information: Please provide your name, phone number (with country code) and email address so we can contact you to assist

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