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Extraordinary Circular White Mansion 4 Sale in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani

  • Property Type: House / Villa
  • Number of Bedrooms: 6
  • Number of Bahtrooms: 4
  • Furnished: Unfurnished
  • Property Size: 400 Sqm
  • Land Size: 4,400 Sqm

Ad Description

Residential or Commercial Potential – 2 min. from all Amenities
This beautiful building comes with an advanced, sophisticated design. The work of a Swiss machine designer and quantum physicist. A life’s ambition brought to fruition over a 3 year period here in Thailand.

Situated on the outskirts of Kumpawapi a few mins from the main Udon Thani to Khon Kaen highway. And enjoying some of the finest scenery in Thailand, while close to all amenities.

The property is situated on 2.75 Rai with 3 other out buildings and covered parking for 3 large vehicles and hard standing for many more. The garden is mainly grass with a variety of mango and coconut trees.

The property could be called a mansion and as can be seen form the photos is circular and truly imposing — it is unique, beautiful, practical and built to the highest standards possible.

The interior consists of ten rooms that can be used in many different configurations, 4,5 even 6 bedrooms a central area that has more functions than we can list, with a spiral staircase that leads up to what could be the most wonderful “party deck”, fitness room or just a place to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view. Not to forget the 4 bathrooms.

Listed below are just a few of the special features, features designed for a trouble free future, for ever :-

1 400 sq. m., Wi-Fi, CCTV

2 Easy access channel to all services, electric, plumbing etc.

3 Prepared for fiber optics.

4 Free energy ‘Dynamic Convection Ventilation’ Eliminating the need for AC.

5 Reverse Osmosis. Supplying high quality drinking water throughout the house.

6 Hot and cold water throughout the house.

7 Electric, way beyond even European standards.

8 More than adequate exterior water and electric.

9 The quality of build, from compacting the whole building area through to oversized foundations, special quality bricks, rebar to excess and way beyond architects specifications.
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