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Honda CR80 Dirt Bike-fully restored

  • San Sai
  • 03 Apr 2024 : 06:16 am
  • ID: 463269
  • Make: HONDA
  • Model: CR250R
  • Year: 1985
  • Body Type: Dirtbike / Offroad
  • Color: red
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Mileage: 300
  • Engine Size (cc): 0 - 149cc

Ad Description

1985 Original Honda CR80 Dirt Bike-Rebuilt by Lanna Classic cars
Ready for mud plugging-off road loud fun
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Cheapest Dirt Bike in Thailand - Honda Wave Z Custom

Cheapest Dirt Bike in Thailand - Honda Wave Z Custom

  • 10 Jun 2024 : 07:14 am

READ CAREFULLY - CONTACT BY PHONE ONLY!!! Honda Wave Z Custom Dirt Bike with Clutch This Bike is very unique and compared most BLING Bikes, it is perfect tuned and runs great and reliable. When you check other bikes, you will find quick out, many of them run very poorly and not good fitted. Also with the strong Front Forks are all steep downhill riding safe and stable. It took me a lot of time and Money to find the right mechanic with the skills to make it a great bike under all conditions like water crossings and steep hill climbing without stalling anymore - this alone is priceless!!! With this Setup a Rider with average Riding Skills can easily keep up with the stronger Bikes (Wave 125, KLX 140, CRF 250L) on the Mountain Trails. 
 This Bike is setup for Enduro Riding in all Conditions and for some Overlanding Trips with Luggage. Perfect for Beginners and short Riders who are able to lift up this light Bike with one Person on a Pickup Truck. Rear Tire and Tube just replaced and 85 % of Profile The Bike is easy to maintain and cheap on all Parts! The Price is FIX, but there are some Options to get a good Discount. Since I have plenty of Spare Parts which I call sell separately, there is a good chance to get some of them for FREE! SPECS: - Length: 1.925 mm - Height: 1.030 mm - Seat Height: 860 mm - Weight: 90 KG (much lighter than a Wave 125) - Ground Clearance: 277 mm - Front Forks Kawasaki KX 85 (Top 35 mm, Down 44 mm, Length 910 mm) - Rear Suspension: YSS - Racing Boy Alu Rims (Front 17 Inch, Rear 16 Inch) - Skid-Plate - Front- and Rear LED-Lights - Front Disc-Brake - Gearing: 13/45 - FMF Exhaust - Foldable Gear Lever - Perfect Setup (100 CC, with Cam, Carb-Tuning, Airfilter with big Tubing) - Rear Rack - Middle Rack (removable) With this Setup all Tools, Spare Parts and Gasoline are easy to bring on any TRIP! 
 This Bike is NOT for you, if: * you want a Bike without my listed Mods * you ask me upfront for any Discounts 
 Q: Is the Bike still available? A: YES! After I sell my stuff, I always mark it as sold or delete the Ad! Q: Can the Bike be delivered? A: Only up to 100 KM from the Location Mae Taeng Q: Is this Bike for heavy Riders? A: I guess, up to 100 KG is ok. Q: Is there a Discount available? A: If you are a nice Guy, I will give you some useful Tools/Items on TOP as a BONUS 
 If you have more Questions or want this Bike, then CALL me:
 Tel. 081-928 3880 (EN/DE) I am busy. I will IGNORE Emails and Messages! I block Trolls and Time Wasters!!!!!!