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Ibanez MC-924 Bass, made 1986

Ad Description

IBANEZ BASS MC-924 – flagship of the Ibanez Musician range, the IBANEZ MC-924 is an ‘80s icon in sound and looks. The quality is superb throughout; neck thru body construction from fine mahogany and substantial solid brass hardware set it apart. The bass features 2 Ibanez pick-ups and an active tone circuit that cuts or boosts bass and treble frequencies, and balances the pick-ups between bass and treble and all points in between. The scale length is 35’’, the frets are big enough and perfectly finished and the top quality machine heads are also Ibanez. This Ibanez MC-924 was made in Ibanez’s Terada factory in 1986 and the serial # B860116 indicates that it was the 116 one made. A padded gig bag is supplied – PRICE 15,000 Baht, part-exchange or swaps considered for guitars, basses, amps, what have you? Please message me on Messenger or Facebook.
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