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Lawn Mower - RHINO Pro residential 50 inch deck zero turn mower

  • Na Yai Am
  • 01 Jun 2024 : 11:17 am
  • ID: 468707

Ad Description

Limited offer.

This is a 50 inch pro-residential zero turn mower. Speed up to 16km/h, strong hydraulic motors and separate axles, three cutting blades, 4 gallon tank, fuel gauge, drinks holder, anti roll bar and headlamps. High back adjustable seat with arm rests and seatbelt. This is a solid well built machine weighing 410kgs.

This mower has the best turning radius of any other kind of mower with simple lever operation. No more turning a steering wheel with neck and shoulder pain. Cuts easily around trees and sprinklers and much more versatile in confined areas. Special blades chop the grass very fine so little to no mess and mulch is good for the soil.

Ideal for land that needs regularly maintenance as well as landscape and large gardens with slopes up to 15 degrees. This is not a brushcutter for very rough terrain.

The price includes for a spare set of high lift heavy duty blades, spare blade belt and spare hydro belts.

Machines are made to order so delivery may take up to 6 weeks. Full payment must be made in advance. Delivery charges may apply subject to location.
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