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Little Manhattan [DVD]

  • Prawet
  • 30 Nov 2021 : 05:40 am
  • ID: 391398

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Romantic comedy starring Josh Hutcherson as Gabe, an 11-year-old boy living on the more exclusive side of New York City. His parents, Adam (Bradley Whitford) and Leslie (Cynthia Nixon), are splitting up, and as their marriage slowly crumbles, they've both become increasingly protective of their son. Meanwhile, Gabe finds his head turned by Rosemary (Charlie Ray), a cute girl in his karate class. He works up the nerve to ask Rosemary out on a date, and in time the two begin spending their spare time together. But just when Gabe feels ready to tackle the next step and tell Rosemary that he's in love with her, he learns that she'll be spending the summer away at camp, meaning he'll have to spend his vacation pining for her. As Gabe turns to Adam for advice, Adam begins taking another look at where his relationship with Leslie went sour.

Ok, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!! I'm so late in this realization, I never saw anything about it until about a month ago when it was suggested for viewing on my Amazon and it's years old. It is now one of my all time favs! Super sweet, hilarious, innocent and lovely in EVERY way. Treat yourself and watch it if you've never seen it, heck, treat yourself again even if you have seen it! So fantastic!!!

"Little Manhattan" is charming family entertainment. It is the story of "first love" between two eleven year olds who were together in Kindergarten and become re-united as unlikely karate sparring partners. Until that time, Gabe is convinced that all girls carry "cooties" (though he does not know what they are). The more he is around Rosemary the more enchanted he becomes and he admires her superior karate skills. The story takes place against the backdrop of Manhattan and the two explore parts of the city together.

The story is told from Gabe's perspective and encompasses all the agonies of youth trying to decipher deep meanings from every gesture and word. He is on a perpetual see-saw of emotion. She is a mature young girl, likes him and is honest about her feelings.

It is light, realistic and very well done. It will probably remind you of some of your own memorable childhood experiences.

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