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Steel security door and frame

Ad Description

Steel security door with frame. Size is: 85.5cm wide x 210.5cm high x 3cm thick. Simply screw the steel frame to the wooden door frame (holes already drilled and you have an instant security door. Opens on the right hand side (hinges on the left side) and has a built in lock / bolt. You can attach mosquito nets if required (not included). Located in Udonthani.
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These are now surplus to requirements in an internet cafe. at 270cm long would probably serve various display and sales jobs. Based in Udon Thani - they need to be picked up really. Hardly a post package! Some Thai writing stuff. FORGOT TO SAY.. we have 5/6 of these if that helps! And worth advising.. they cost about 3,700 to make inc all the wood, metal and plastic. ขาย โต๊ะตั้ง คอมพิวเตอร์ สามารถ ตั้งคอมพิวเตอร์ ได้ สาม เครื่อง ขนาด 270 CM เมตร X 60 CM X 75 CM ราคา 2000 บาท ( ราคา ลดได้ ) Tel: 091-686-9878 ซอย ประชาสันติ