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Windsurf Kit Sale - Board/2 masts/3 sails and all equipment

  • Phuket
  • 13 Jun 2019 : 15:50 pm
  • ID: 362958

Ad Description

Windsurf Kit Board/2 masts/3 sails and all equipment
Leaving paradise need to get sell a few toy.
Board Starboard “I Sonic 131” few years old but in good condition and fast as ever
This is an iconic model suitable for all levels, easy to plane and will get up and go to surprise you
Fin to suit sails Drake C3 VENOM 50 (500mm) for full control and easy gybes
Two masts 1 x PowerEX Carbon “Free 80” 460 80%carbon will fit all sails using extensions and good
1 x Neil Pryde 520 bit old but still good and lightweight for the 9 mtr sail.
Three Sails
1 x Severne NCX Pro 9.0 very good condition prefect for light weather sailing including bag
1 x Severne NCX 8.0 bit old but usable including bag
1 x Severne NCX Pro 7.5 good condition and great up to 20kts windspeed including bag
Boom and Harness lines
1 x Severne Blueline 180 – 230 in good condition and 23 inch harness lines
1x Aeron adjustable up to 460mm good condition
1 x Chinook adjustable up to 500mm good condition
Boom protector
Seat Harness “Hot Seat” Large
1 extra haul up line
Spare harness lines
Severne adjusting key
Contact by email or phone 0625481305
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