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ice machine for rental

  • Phuket
  • 11 Apr 2021 : 10:38 am
  • ID: 357432

Ad Description

Ice maker for rent / Ice Machine for rental

But pay monthly or annually with free installation and maintenance ..
. (Ice Machine for Rent and start price 3,800 baht per month)

... production capacity starting from 19 kilograms per day up to 432 kilograms per day and rental prices start from 3,800 baht up to 9,800 baht per month ...... lease 3 years per machine (Contract Rental 3 years) -

Providing rental services for restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. - No hassle conditions ... save money because we install machines and monthly maintenance services for free as per contract .... There are all sizes as needed, starting from Small to large ....

Rental areas for services .. Phuket .. Phang Nga .. Ko Yao Yai-Noi ... Ranong ... Chumphon .. Prachuap ... Surat Thani ... Koh Samui ... Nakhon Si ... Krabi .. Ko Phi Phi ... Ko Lanta ... Satun ... Ko Lipe ...........

If interested, contact the sales team ...
Call / Tel: 095-2569611 Pro / Pro
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