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Nepalese Tanka

  • Bang Rak
  • 31 Jan 2021 : 17:36 pm
  • ID: 395043

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End 19th century directly
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For sale batch of 4,900 bottles of hair loss treatment for women

For sale batch of 4,900 bottles of hair loss treatment for women

  • 22 Mar 2021 : 10:54 am

Due to the discontinuation of our business activity, we sell at 1/3 of cost price, a batch of natural hair loss treatment product made in Spain: LOV HAIR 3in1 for woman. This is a very good opportunity for sellers on markets or for demonstrators in department stores. The product is registered at the Thai FDA as cosmetic Proven efficacy: clinical test report available Expiry Date: November 10, 2021 Bottle of 75 ml (One-month treatment) Packaging box high quality with offset print + 2 types of sprayer Quantity: 4,900 units Price per unit: 50.00 baht (Retail selling price: 790.00 baht) Total amount for the batch:245,000.00 baht

Beautiful Debuchy by Toulet foosball table

Beautiful Debuchy by Toulet foosball table

  • 20 Mar 2021 : 18:14 pm

Fruit of a collaboration between Debuchy by Toulet and Alain Gilles; the Pure football table is posed as the translation of what design can bring to an object that has become common. For inspiration, the Scandinavian style, without a shadow of a doubt. For a gateway to the world of football, see its shape like that of a stadium, seen from the sky. But everyone is free to see what they want and this is one of the strengths of this The Pure design table football : react and inspire. Frame : All our foosball are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled Official competition pitch Wooden structure Massive oak wood for legs and top Thermoformed shell Chromed, dawn steel telescopic bars, diameter 15mm Centralized balls return Gerflex covering Chromed steel ironsmith Standard players in chromed aluminum screen printed which allow a play of the head, heel worked with laser for a better grip of the ball Specific series handles: mid-length; with soft grip rubbers (non-slip and anti-perspirants) white, black or gray. Optionally, long or round handles. Mechanical abacus High-end brushed stainless steel goal bowls Mounted on cylinders for leveling External dimensions: L 169 x W 93 x h 98 cm Weight: 90kg Comes with 1 set of 11 cork balls

NEW YEAR SALE!  Price Drop!  Because I Said So Diane Keaton DVD

NEW YEAR SALE! Price Drop! Because I Said So Diane Keaton DVD

  • 01 Apr 2021 : 10:21 am

Because I Said So is an excellent movie... it features a wonderful cast, is well acted, has fantastic set designs, every component necessary for a quality film can be found here. Even the "fork in the road" style plotline has had a very human quality applied to it, and in such a way that it feels familiar and endearing rather than facetious or forced. Unfortunately this film also features Diane Keaton's acting at its worst. In other movies such as Something's Gotta Give her compulsive behaviors were comparatively mellow, palatable, and her ability as an actress enhanced the final product, however, here her neurotic personality was portrayed in excess and to the detriment of the film. Despite her overacting, I still like watching this movie. The character interactions and twists within the film are more than enjoyable enough to offset Mrs. Keaton's nearly slapstick level of instability, which some viewers may find entertaining even if I didn't. Note: May be Shipped Within Thailand for an additional Cost