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Snooker Table Star Professional 12ft Tournament Snooker Table

  • Thon Buri
  • 25 Jul 2021 : 15:07 pm
  • ID: 369576

Ad Description

Brand new!
As Seen On TV., this table is the Official WPBSA in use in all Major Professional Tournaments.

Delivery and installation included. Ready to play and coming along with a full accessory package. Best table at the best price you can find!

The five-piece sectional slate used for Star Tournament tables is 45mm thick, ensuring an even greater level playing surface for an accurate run of balls. Star tournament tables are also supplied with a triangle drawer box and triangle an under-table rest stick support; suitable for 60” rest sticks and short cue extensions. You can also choose to have optional under table heaters installed that will provide an evenly heated playing surface. Heating improves the speed and play of the balls.

This 12ft table features (see pictures and options):
All Playing Specifications and Pocket Openings Cut To World Snooker Tournament Templates
Professionally Hand Floated Slates To Ensure True Flatness With No Imperfections.
Heavy Duty 50mm Slate - 50mm Honed Slate Bed for Stability and Level
Supplied Complete with New Strachan No10 West of England 100% wool Tournament Cloth and 6811 Gold West of England 100% wool Cloth on the Cushions.
Bolted Slate Lining Joint Fixing System
Single Piece Solid Construction Legs
Additional Frame Fixing - New Advanced Double Bolted Locking System for Increased Rigidity - Double Bolted Rigideous Frame
Solid Leg Construction For Optimal Minimal Vibration
Thicker Side Rails for Enhanced Grip of Slate to Frame
Integral Storage Drawer Complete with Triangle
Steel Block Constructed Cushions For Optimum Performance As Required by Professionals
Reformatted Steel Block Width and Thickness
Best Quality Northern Rubber For Superior Response & Uniform Bounce
Cushion Height set for Optimum Speed and Reaction
Extended Ball Rails for Black Ball End
Bolted Pocket Wire and Strap System
Modern and Stylish Appearance
Heavy Gauge Tackle Rack
Includes Lighting
Full set of Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Balls
Electric Score Board
Star Table Cover
Star Table Heating
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