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Stern Pinball Star Wars!

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Stern is the leading company for pinball and here is the new Pinball "STAR WARS PIN" they designed. Made for commercial location is built to last, easy maintained and heavily immersive.

“The Star Wars Pin is designed to provide quality family entertainment and bring pinball fun to homes everywhere,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc. “We are pleased to bring these pinball machines celebrating the Star Wars galaxy and adventures to our fans.”

Stern Pinball’s Star Wars Pin is a new stylish, affordable and fun pinball machine designed and engineered for the home. Stern’s new Star Wars Pin immerses players in the dynamic Star Wars galaxy. The Pin is packed with features that provide players with an irresistible game experience including select speech and footage from the original Star Wars trilogy cast on a LED screen, color-changing playfield inserts, a custom sculpted Death Star, and a custom sculpted and interactive TIE fighter.

Message us for more information and lead time to get yours!
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