Sites upgrade notice: BahtSold, AsiaSold, PropertySold

Dear valued members and viewers,

-Sites upgrade in effect starting at 8 pm Friday Feb 27, 2015 (est max 48 hrs to go live)

*We are upgrading our sites to a more ‘mobile/tablet friendly’ format.  As a result the sites will be offline temporarily while we upload and transfer to the new format. Please pardon this necessary but temporary inconvenience! Once the new format is live you will no longer view this notice, instead you will be automatically directed to the live sites where you can place and view ads as before.

Homepage<New format preview, please click thumbnail to enlarge
 (early beta sample, new site will differ slightly)

As with any re-launch, despite exhaustive testing by our dev team,  once there are thousands of users testing the new sites, we expect some glitches and need for adjustments will be revealed which will be corrected as soon as possible.

This format change was prompted by the need to keep pace with the ever fast-changing tech environment and to provide the vast increase of mobile device users a more device friendly experience (without the need to download yet another unnecessary app;) The new format will also bring advertisers greater results via increased mobile device users.

This is a BETA re-launch and as such we will be adjusting and refining the look/feel/layout and functionality going forward (also new intuitive banner display launch to follow).

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding as we continue to evolve our format and constantly improve our services.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new live sites soon.

Kind regards,
Support – Thailand’s Premier Classifieds – Asia’s Premier Classifieds - Asia’s Premier Property Portal

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(if leaving a comment below, we’ve added an ‘invisible’ spam-bot detector. This eliminates the need to type a confirmation code BUT after clicking ’post comment’,  please wait while the widget detects that you are a real person and not a spam bot – takes approx 30 seconds to go through after clicking ‘post comment’. Thank you!) 

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  1. ole frost says:

    Very good

  2. Bernt Åslund says:

    Very good thankyou

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