Site upgrade notice: PropertySold

Dear valued members and viewers,

-Sites upgrade in effect starting Sat Feb 28, 2015 (est 48 hrs to go live)
UPDATE Monday Mar 8:

Sites BahtSold and AsiaSold are live. PropertySold will also go live soon.

Sincerest apologies for the delay and please pardon the unintended inconvenience!

Thank you all so much for your kind patience and understanding

Kind regards,

*We are upgrading our sites to a more ‘mobile/tablet friendly’ format.  As a result the sites will be offline temporarily while we upload and transfer to the new format. Please pardon this necessary but temporary inconvenience! Once the new format is live you will no longer view this notice, instead you will be automatically directed to the live sites where you can place and view ads as before.

Homepage<New format preview, please click thumbnail to enlarge
 (early beta sample, new site will differ slightly)

As with any re-launch, despite exhaustive testing by our dev team,  once there are thousands of users testing the new sites, we expect some glitches and need for adjustments will be revealed which will be corrected as soon as possible.

This format change was prompted by the need to keep pace with the ever fast-changing tech environment and to provide the vast increase of mobile device users a more device friendly experience (without the need to download yet another unnecessary app;) The new format will also bring advertisers greater results via increased mobile device users.

This is a BETA re-launch and as such we will be adjusting and refining the look/feel/layout and functionality going forward (also new intuitive banner display launch to follow).

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding as we continue to evolve our format and constantly improve our services.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new live sites soon.

Kind regards,
Support – Thailand’s Premier Classifieds – Asia’s Premier Classifieds - Asia’s Premier Property Portal

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(if leaving a comment below, we’ve added an ‘invisible’ spam-bot detector. This eliminates the need to type a confirmation code BUT after clicking ’post comment’,  please wait while the widget detects that you are a real person and not a spam bot – takes approx 30 seconds to go through after clicking ‘post comment’. Thank you!) 

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55 Responses to Site upgrade notice: PropertySold

  1. ole frost says:

    Very good

  2. Bernt Åslund says:

    Very good thankyou

  3. paul says:

    u had a good thing going ,hope u don’t (deleted) it up,just saying .

    • admin says:

      Hi, certainly few like changes (especially if just for change sake). However, this one is needed. Back many years ago we started with a basic text-based format, which was followed up by adding photos (augmented by a monthly magazine edition) then later added videos, ebrochures, etc, etc. Now in the present tech space one either evolves or perishes. Some will still not like the change and we get that.

      In the past we’ve put off a fair few advertisers by ‘change’, for example asking such ‘daunting’ questions as: ‘Motorcycle For sale’ -ever been dropped? is it registered? taxed? have green book? ex-rental? etc, etc. No other site asks such questions of it’s advertisers and the response from some was ‘None of Your (deleted) Business!!!’ (usually less kinder words to the same effect;) and off they went to other sites who do not ask such ‘needless’ details… Same for Boats: how many hours on the engines? is it registered? etc, etc. Same goes for every category. Asking details (which VIEWERS/buyers want) can be off-putting to some advertisers (some real estate brokers included who prefer a min of ‘details’ and ability to RE-post their same listings day in day out -like on other sites, not here please;)

      Net result after implementing the previous change? Yes, we initially lost a few advertisers (gratefully gained more in the end though;) AND suddenly ad replies from viewers went straight UP…

      So, now we’re embarking on another change, this time to a hopefully more ‘friendly’ mobile-device format (and widescreen or any screen). This will take time to refine and ‘get right’ and we may again lose some advertisers initially. But after a few weeks of tweaks and likely fixes, we hope to greatly increase advertisers response by having a platform which the fastest growing user group can also access.

      Thanks again all for your patience while we transfer to the new format and also while we make adjustments once the sites are live.

      Kind regards,

      • Howard evans says:

        Hi ,
        I do not see you have to change something that working perfectly well.
        I really do like your old site i don’t any need to change the format.
        For i.e. the phuket gazette last year change the style of there style and format of there newspaper online and for me completely distroyed the user experience.
        There are less classifieds than before and this due to there style and fomat.
        I still do look at this newspaper but i would the old version back.

  4. Roumen Todorov says:

    Ok !!! Super

  5. visdomini says:


  6. ray says:

    Good news, Hoping we get more filter’s etc. happy days

  7. herve dubien says:

    I am looking for fridges and freezer, also meat grounder can you help?

    • admin says:

      Hi, actually we have a dedicated Restaurant/Bar equipment category which can be viewed once the new sites are live. Please check back and thank you for your patience.

      Kind regards,

  8. johann riedl says:

    very good!

  9. grer says:

    very good a change is like a breath of fresh air always needed

  10. Chris says:

    I think this is a very well managed site and I’m sure the changes will continue the improvements this site has made over the years, hope it goes live soon because I’ve got an advert to list!

  11. Erwin says:

    Still not live (01-03-15), whats going on? Got add reply but can not do anything!

  12. Nick says:

    How long to go guys I need to go shopping

  13. Erwin says:

    It went wrong when bahtsold started to think internationally. Its not intertesting what the rest of asia sells.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Years ago when the site began (as the then first Thailand-wide ads site) this Ed resided in Hua Hin. Upon asking others in the area if they thought an ads site covering ALL of Thailand would be interesting or useful the resounding response back then was ‘NO, why would we be interested in ads beyond Hua Hin area?’… Some may still have a similar mindset and that’s ok, however, we see a broader vision. By the way, as to your previous comment, you will be able to review your latest ad reply as soon as the new site is live (won’t be long now), thank you for your kind patience.

      Kind regards,

  14. carsten says:


  15. John says:

    As a very regular user of BahtSold, not only for buying and selling but just a interested reader to see what’s going on I have full confidence that the new Baht Sold will be more user friendly particularly on the phone and there is nothing like a fresh new look. I for one are looking forward to the updated version. Keep up the very good work Baht Sold.

  16. Slim Jim says:

    A shame to change as many of us expats do not use this site on our phones.

    • Julian says:

      I wonder how many expats use this on a daily and how many use it on their mobile device and welcome the change…Seems like you know the figures. I would love to know the numbers and how you came up with them.
      I’m sure they know what they’re doing. I would LOVE to use it on my phone or ipad, but the layout didn’t really “allow” it.
      I’m happy to wait it out and even understand that after the update certain things won’t function perfectly right away, but I have a good feeling about the admin team here and they’re on top of things :).
      Best of luck with the update.

      • JLR says:

        I used this site on my Kindle Fire HD often and never had a problem. The layout was fine. Hopefully the new mobile site is user friendly.

  17. nick says:

    Hey guys what about a courtesy update with whats going on

  18. Chronic Advertiser says:

    I am start getting withdrawal symptoms, i need my fix

    • Kit says:

      Haha, what chemicals you on ? (Jokes)

      • Chronic Advertiser says:

        Ads, just ads, lots of them. Wow the new website looks beautiful, loh lohh, i like it, there is not even anymore that punk next to a tuk tuk staring at you everytime you to go have a peek at it, well done.

  19. Kit says:

    Need to update a few properties guys, hope the site us up and running fairly soon. Kindest regards.

  20. Scott Tucker says:

    Any idea when the site will be back up? I got to Chiang Mai on Friday and leave on Thursday. Id like to follow up on a few things, but I need the site working.

  21. oyvind froyset says:

    want to by mc. how to get access?

  22. Janno says:

    Saw it online for a short while, and it does look fine, but runs like crap… So good you are fixing that… :)
    Looking forward to it running properly again.

    Good luck….

  23. Bessino says:

    I hope you can still see ALL the items for sale in Thailand.

  24. Georges says:

    Whatever I click on I come “here” but not on the ad details, impossible, I’ve tried many times always come back on this page, good work Pffff

  25. chris pattaya says:

    you’re doing right, i look at this site everyday have sold and have bought from it, changes will never make everyone happy, same around the world, but if you never do it…you will never know, good luck and lets all hope it works out good, which i know your hoping for its costing you money, but remember one thing…if your not happy…change back or change to another format don’t be scared by reversal or by a few negative comments.

    good luck

  26. Rawling J. says:

    like they say on internet , “if not broken don’t fix it “

  27. lek says:

    Its a good move. The old website was almost impossible to use on a smartphone and i mostly use a phone for internet.

  28. Alexander says:

    Never do a redirect to the notice page, please.

    Thus I loose my original link and cannot go back. One day I just refresh all my tabs to see the changes — and they are gone!

  29. robert says:

    To update a site is not need to shut down.would be enough to clone and make the new in the background.maybe need a professional website builder.i like this site and really looks many people.

  30. Steve Bateman says:

    If this redirects for much longer I will delete the site !

  31. jef says:

    like most users say i liked it the old way,same like phuket gazette never look it any more with there ,,international news,,i dont need that. if i had a web side like you i would ask the users opinions first before i would start changing a concept that is working well

  32. Bob le Baroudeur says:

    Well done…. Looking foward to see the update … Thank you, your team are doing a great job

  33. devit says:

    Next time you do a major update, better to run both versions in parallel so people can still use the old version as a fallback during beta tests…

  34. Nam says:

    Hi admin team.
    Looking forward to see the update tomorrow.

    Kind Regards.

  35. Daniel says:

    You may have already answered this, but for those of us who have paid premiums for periods of time such as featured ads etc, will those be extended to cover the downtime?

    Also, I am sure that you know the stats etc, but I thought that doing the work over a weekend was taking down ads at the prime time for people to be viewing them.

    I did see the site briefly on Monday, and the look was OK, but the layout wasn’t right, and many of the images thumbs seemed stretched and low resolution.

    Unless its an emergency, when we carry out major work to our site, we build the site on a mirror first and test it thoroughly, then minimize downtime transferring the data across before going live. I guess you guys had your reasons, but it feels like an unusual situation.

    I’m a big fan of Bahtsold, and have sold plenty of stuff on here, so I do hope that the situation gets resolved soon, so that we can continue to enjoy your service!



    • admin says:

      Yes we will extend premiums for lost time, of course (request sent to tech team to add 10 days, not 4)

      We did exhaustive tests prior to going live. The initial downtime was necessitated by the need to cut-off new ads/replies/users etc prior to transfer of existing data to new format and to new server. Unfortunately unforeseen issues can appear only once live, especially with new server plus new format. No excuses here just the reality of what can occur despite best efforts. We shall be live Weds and as in any new roll-out there will be ongoing adjustments and corrections as we strive to ‘get it right’.

      As admin is necessarily focused on the task at hand, would ask if direct questions could be kept to a minimum as we focus our attn on launch.

      Thanks all once again for your kind patience.

      Kind regards,

  36. nicol burr says:

    waiting for your new site, but still not happening on my computer. Is there a problem or what do I have to do?

  37. Bagsida says:

    Since 2 days only redirected to this blog – very unprofessional :(

  38. Wayne Broderick says:

    For the unhappy one’s. “JUST DEAL WITH IT”. For (Deleted ) sake, anyone would think you have an investment in the site. get over it……

  39. Porry says:

    Hi there again,
    What about the issue of how to delete a “SOLD” or “RENTED” add ?

  40. asle bjordal says:

    Very good thankyou

  41. Dee Walker says:

    I do hope i can still use it on my computer? apart from being an advertiser i personally prefer to look on a bigger screen at what i’m buying , especially if i can’t get to see the item before buying ! just saying

  42. daniel says:

    Seems like you’ve been out of action now for a few days with this upgrade to mobile smart phones. Hope you get it fixed soon as it feels like egg on the face. Just saying and missing the ads badly.

  43. Michael says:

    You are alienating the user’s who purchase from this site that makes it attractive to sellers.
    Once the buyers are gone, the sellers (advertising) will follow.
    Get it together Please. Never will I understand why you didn’t just leave the site up until you sorted out the new site off-line. Moronic.

    • admin says:


      Hi, We did exhaustive tests (offline) prior to going live. The initial downtime was necessitated by the need to cut-off new ads/replies/users etc prior to transfer of existing data to new format and to new server. Unfortunately unforeseen issues can appear only once live, especially with new server plus new format. No excuses here just the reality of what can occur despite best efforts. We will go live TODAY and as in any new roll-out there will be glitches, ongoing adjustments and corrections as we strive to ‘get it right’.

      Thank you,

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