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Golf cart for sale

  • Huay Yai
  • 26 Feb 2017 : 16:02 pm
  • ID: 284917
  • Make: --
  • Model: --
  • Year: --
  • Body Type: --
  • Color: --
  • Condition: --
  • Mileage: --
  • Engine Size (cc): --

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Golf cart for sale
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Vermeiren Carpo 4 Deluxe Scootmobiel

Vermeiren Carpo 4 Deluxe Scootmobiel

Scootmobiel Vermeiren Carpo 4-Wheel Deluxe The Carpo 4 Deluxe is Vermeiren’s best and latest scooter. With this model, attention has been paid to functionality, comfort and design. New Price 3995.00 Euro = 157,426 Thai baht Used – good condition – 4 years old Perfect for traveling around town and shopping. Get around quickly and easy with room to carry things comfortably. Has lights, turn signals and more. Safe and comfortable. Sale Price 49,000 Thai baht The 950W and 2×70 Ah batteries provide a speed of 17 km / h and an action radius of more than 40 km. In addition, the scooter is equipped with LED lights, trip timer and battery indicator. Make greater distances comfortably, the Carpo 4 Deluxe is made for it. Hydraulic suspension for optimal comfort. Automatic brake light led light. Sportrider comfort seat fully adjustable. Low profile extra wide tires on luxury sports wheels. Energy-efficient, silent, powerful engine. The Vermeiren Carpo 4 Deluxe is a modern design super scooter. Technical data: Speed: 17 km / h Action range: 50-60 km Maximum user weight: 180 kg

Looking for Golf carts ? You are HERE !!!

Looking for Golf carts ? You are HERE !!!

Don't let anyone tell you Electric Golf carts go slower than Gas Golf carts until you driven one of These!! Also Don't let anyone tell you Electric Golf carts can not drive in rain or puddles.. These carts do it all. Rain,puddles,flooding hills,mountains, fully loaded and still going after 80 kilometers!! Best electric golf cart in Thailand Description: Sport EV. Brand new Golf cart 4+2 Or 2+2 seater / flipseat : Retractable seatbelt : Windshield glass with wiper : Wiper : Rear view mirrors : Speedometer : Rain cover : On/Off Road tires : Trojan Batteries : Onboard charger : Motor 5 KW/AC system