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UV Machine Portable Uv Light Ultraviolet Curing Machine

Ad Description

UV machine portable uv light ultraviolet curing machine 1000w uv lamp 1kw uv hand lamp artificial stone portable. Includes spare 1000 watt bulb.

Details -

Device name:

1000 w portable portable UV light machine


This powerful machine can be widely used to cure all kind of UV light sensitive coating materials,like UV laminating liquid,UV ink,UV glue.
UV Curing for irregular shape, model production, aircraft and so on to get the effect of smooth ,waterproof ,damp-proof,and anti-scrapping.
Suitable for printing,laboratory,temporary construction and repairing.
Can be used to sterilize mattresses and bedding for hotels, also sterilize furniture. Use for drying UV resin on floors etc.
S special UV curing molding, model making, arts and crafts.
S suitable for UV glue, laboratory and simple construction
Maintenance and repair.


Beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, save a space, wide applicable quality is reliable, the use of safe, easy to operate.
Mobile work, optional the gender is strong, flexible, defect is low efficiency.
S import light reflector, the maximum UV light refraction, strengthen dry curing effect.
Advanced heat dissipation system, ensure that the workpiece is not affected by temperature, prolong lamp life.

Main technical parameters:

1, The irradiation distance: 80-200 - mm;
2, Power density: 80-120 - w/cm;
3, Spectral peaks: 365 nm;
4, Tube, high pressure mercury lamp, 1000 w;
5, Cooling: air cooling exhaust;
6, Optical measurement range value: 1000-9500 mj/cm2
7, Power supply: AC 200/220 v, 45 to 60 hz;
8, The UV lamp power: 1000 w;
9, Tube length: 230 mm / 300 mm;
10, Lamp life: 800 h;
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