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Wanted, second hand golf clubs and accessories

  • Mae Hia
  • 11 Jun 2021 : 06:01 am
  • ID: 394239

Ad Description

We want your second hand golf clubs and golf accessories.
We are looking for complete golf club sets, individual clubs, golf bags, golf umbrellas etc, etc...
Preferably no older than 10 years. Cash waiting for the right items.
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Oxelo inline skates with fall protection - New!

Oxelo inline skates with fall protection - New!

  • 06 May 2021 : 17:16 pm

I have a barely used set of Oxelo FM500 Freeride hard boot inline skates, size 43, for sale. As well as elbow and knee protection, wrist guards, a tailbone and hip protector - all goes with the skates - I added extra padding inside the elbow and knee guards. When looking at the pics I supply, you will notice that I added a set of laces to each skate, it makes it easier to tighten them this way. The hard boot made only using one lace not work for me, this way you can get it tight all the way up the boot. I have used the skates twice, for a total of 15 min - I think these are too much for me. The link below will give you the info on the skates, that is where I bought them. The price of 2,000 Baht will include shipping and is about half of what I paid for everything.